JUNIPER is the Traditional Celtic/Alternative Folk duo of Frances Pisacane (fiddle) and Jasmine Hart (guitar & vocals). While on their Annual Summer Mountain Tour, they recorded their third CD, "Live From The Appalachians", which has just been voted #3 Celtic Album Of The Year (2008) by WNCW in Asheville, NC. In January, Juniper opened for The Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra and in March, they celebrated their 10-year music anniverary with another appearance on CBS Television's "Studio 10". Their second CD, "Stepping Stones", was also nominated Album Of The Year in 2007...

Juniper weaves a tight tapestry of haunting melodies and lush harmonies. Sprinkle in some fiery rhythms and compelling vocals and you have the unique sound which transports Juniper's fans to an ancient time with jigs, reels and aires, and then brings them back with original Alternative Folk compositions.

Juniper Press Kit 2009   (printable pdf version)

Performance Resume

Review of Juniper's second CD, Stepping Stones


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